When you think of pillows, the first thing that comes to mind is lying down for a good snooze. A massive pillow fight is likely a close second. Pillow design, however, isn’t something that even seen necessary – stuffing, foam, or feathers sewn up in a sack, right? Yet, this pillow is design with ultimate comfort in mind for sleeping or even sitting.

At first glance, it may seem odd that the Trangel pillow caters to the less popular idea of using a pillow as a sitting aid. I mean, it’s just a pillow shaped like a right triangle. But upon closer inspection, you can see just how useful this design choice is.

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Created by Norwegian product designer Vanessa Glemby who based it on traditional Scandanavian aesthetics, the Trangel came about as a way for her to cope with her pregnancy. Since she couldn’t find a pillow which supported her back in a number of weird sitting positions, she decided to make her own.

trangel pillow

The end result is a sitting pillow made especially for pregnant women. And while it definitely helps mothers with breastfeeding and sitting down with a round belly, it can definitely be used by non-pregnant folk who just like to sit while doing their everyday activities like working on their laptop or reading a book.

trangel pillow

The main material is polyurethane foam which, apart from being soft and comfy, keeps its shape over time. This is especially useful for back pillows as it can be used over and over whilst still providing the proper back support you need.

This foam is covered in an inner and outer cover, both of which are soft, triangularly-shaped, and most importantly, easily washable. When fully covered, the Trangel measures 50cm wide, 40cm high, 27 cm long, and has a weight of 1.5kg.

trangel pillow

Prior to making the Trangel public, Vanessa, her family, and her friends were the first testers of this triangular pillow. Once they saw how useful it was, demand skyrocketed and soon people she did not know started to ask if they could buy a Trangel for themselves.

Now the Trangel is live on Kickstarter and is looking for folks who need proper lumbar support to fund it with a meager $7158 goal, but this could change over the course of the campaign. If you like sitting on your back while doing your work, be sure to check it out!


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