Since it became relatively accessible in the halcyon days of 2009-2017, give or take, 3D printing has been lauded as revolutionary tech – and for a good reason. Even excluding specialized machines that might solve homelessness from the equation, you’ve still got a hefty bit of creative power within reach.

When it’s not geared towards sustainable development goals, 3D printing finds use at home. For everything from manifesting a child’s wildest imagination to creating prototypes for further technological innovations.

Noble goals accounted for, exactly how much does it cost to give shape to something as abstract as ~dreams~?

Well, according to ANYCUBIC, all you need is some technical know-how and a spare $351. Considering that a quality FDM 3D printer can reach beyond $1000, a sub-$500 UV light printer is, honestly, a steal.

ANYCUBIC Photon S 3D Printer – $351

The successor to an already popular product, this printer’s primary competition is its previous self.

Among the most noticeable changes is that it now has a– fairly divisive– sleek, plastic body that’s more compact. Much like getting bangs after a breakup, you might like this purely aesthetic change. Or you might have friends who’ll look at you sadly. Then, as in now, we’d like to argue that looks aren’t as important as what’s inside.

And inside is a Z-axis reinforced with dual linear rails, one with a smooth rod and the other threaded. Thus, allowing you greater stability when it comes to printing tall objects with fine details. 

The Photon S, like the preceding Photon, is an LCD resin printer. This means it uses LED lights to shape each layer. The corresponding UV then cures your resin and solidifies the layer. Your main takeaway here is that this process allows for faster printing speeds, with the Photon S clocking at 20mm/h, double that of the original Photon.

ANYCUBIC Photon S 3D Printer – Features:

  • Equipped with matrix UV lighting and a screen resolution of 2560×1440 for greater print quality
  • Reduces odor with activated carbon air filtration and dual fans
  • Comes with a USB drive for off-line printing
  • With a responsive touch screen display and sanded aluminum platform
  • Boasts an active online support system with 7,000 members, including easy access to the manufacturer

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