Your radio with its little knobs and its local area frequency range is so first-half of 2020. You need a radio that captures all the hopes and dreams of THE FUTURE… and over 2000 radio stations from AROUND THE ENTIRE WORLD.

In what we would list at the top of ‘projects of the year’, Jude Pullen has extracted the rich pulp of his ingenuity to create the RadioGlobe, a desktop globe that summons the power of internet radio to play a station in the targeted area.

It’s a build that combines 3D printing, PCB and Electronics, Mechanical Assembly, Wiring and Programming to bring a little more interest, a little more context, and perhaps a bit of a geography lesson for those who use it.

The project is a massive 74-step Instructable (the most detailed I’ve ever seen) that takes you through every aspect. Jude has included all the project details to build your own RadioGlobe, divulging all the parts, diagrams, code, making it completely open-source for others to adapt and improve upon (one person has already planned to build the desired Shazam button).

The project is also part of the Instructables Maps Challenge, one of 114, that is (in our opinion) the absolute best. He’s looking for feedback on the project, so go on over, favorite it, and vote and comment to let him know what you think!

And if you want even more, Jude has posted the complete ‘making of’ over at DesignSpark in celebration of awesome things… oh, and their 10th birthday. He has provided all the details behind the project from concept to wiring and more. Here’s a quick introduction:

YouTube video

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