When I’m wrestling a ham and cheese sandwich in 3 inches of water, I’m not paying attention to anyone else around me. There are already devices to get people like me out of the pool (tazers hurt) but there are just not enough (read: any) device that take advantage of modern technology to save the life of a drowning child. With the #1 cause of death for children under five due to drowning, you would think this a high priority problem to solve. The Seal is the product with death prevention in its wearable swim monitor sites. They’re currently going after funding via Indiegogo and we spoke with Charles Hunt, Head of Innovation and Design at Thermocline Ventures, to find out a little more.


Saving your neck

The SEAL Band swim monitor is not only an ingenious device worn around the neck to help save lives. The design is very well thought out, incorporating a charging station for multiple bands along with a waterproof hub and a GUARD band for parent, guardian or lifeguard. The Hub and GUARD band continually receive communications of the swimmer’s status, lighting up and vibrating when danger is detected. The development team modeled the design using Autodesk Alias Design then created the renderings you see here using KeyShot.

“We are very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far and feel this system will make swimming safer and more enjoyable for all.” says Charles, “The SEAL offers parents and lifeguards an extra layer of protection by issuing unmistakable warnings and alarms at first sign of swimmer distress. These early notifications enable parents and lifeguards to overcome distractions and chaos common in swim environments and to respond in a timely manner before medical complications or drowning ensues.”

They have a goal of raising $85,000 on the Indiegogo campaign, are currently at $12,000 with 38 days to go. After looking at the campaign, my first thought was, “Dang, this is cool,” then, “Dang, I wish these were not so expensive.” A single swimmer set-up cost $350 with a family-pack of four bands running $650. Granted, we’re talking about a child’s life. Still, if anyone has development and manufacturing resources that could help them get the cost of the devices down, please contact them. Stop by their website or Facebook page for more info and updates.








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