You all know it. Augmented Reality (AR) headsets are/will be all the rage. From the Oculus Rift to Google Glass, the size, shape and application of these devices is quite broad. Sketchfab, the site that brings you the ability to set up your own 3D portfolio, is holding their fourth Sketchfast competition, and this one introduces the challenge of designing your ideal AR headset… in 3 days. Ready, Set, GO.

The ideal AR headset

What could the ideal AR headset look like? Greanted you have a head, you’ll need something dangling in front of your eyes to integrate you into your surrounding. Is it minimal? Does it look like a Daft Punk helmet? You have until Monday May 13th at noon (EST) to submit your idea. First place gets $300, second gets $150 and third gets $50. SolidSmack will be on the jury judging just what the most ideal AR headset might be, so be sure to add that extra bit of awesome to your entry. To participate, upload your entry on tagged with sketchfast4.

*Update – Winners announced*
The winners have been announced! You can see all the entries here. The top four entries are:

#1 place – $300 – AR monocole concept

#2 place – $150 – Universal AR

#3 place – $50 – ARContact 2023

Survival AR headset


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