Well, it’s about that time of year to start pitchin’ the ol’ teepee in the backyard for those sugar-infused, marshmallow-happy backyard camp sessions. Before little Timmy gets worked up over how many S’Mores he can have at a time this year, get yourself caught up to speed with our backyard camping edition of Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff! By the way,d we love our SolidSmack readers! Have something cool you’ve come across and want to share it on SolidSmack? Don’t hide it in your neck skin! Send it on in to smoth@www.solidsmack.com. Kick it!

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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

The Hyperion Spotlight – Have a special place in your heart for giant insects? Yes. Delicious. The Hyperion Spotlight by Eindhoven designer Paul Heijnen is a gigantic, poseable spotlight that ensures gasps of amazement. Yes this unique spotlight sits atop a beautifully crafted, three-legged CNC’d oak body, scare or impress your design buddies and the kids.

Snowpeak Hozuki Lantern – And if a 6 foot tall insect spotlight shining through the tent sounds a bit much, the Hozuki lantern from Snowpeak offers a chinese lantern-like ambiance for those warm backyard camping nights. This LED lantern captures the beauty and romance of the Chinese paper lantern—without the paper.

Camp Recipes – By the time you have your lighting situation set up, it’s probably going to be time to start that good ol’ campfire dinner. Marshmallow Infused Hotdogs! With the Camp Recipes app, camping never tasted so good. Yes, with over 700 camping-friendly recipes listed by activity, category, time, and keyword, you will, without a doubt, be the Anthony Bourdain of the campfire.

GoSkyWatch – When it’s finally time to cap up the whiskey and bag up the marshmallows, be sure to track star patterns with ‘GoSkyWatch’ for iPad. This unique planetarium app allows you to hold the iPad up to the night sky and through the use of augmented reality, track the constellations that are above you completely touch-free. So awesome.

Make a Simple Treehouse – Every kid dreams of having a treehouse…I DO!!—-but not every mom or dad has the time or knowhow to build one. With this Simple Treehouse Tutorial, creating a second home in the tree for you or your kid has never been easier. Yes, Designed to be built in a day and at any height in the tree, this simple weekend DIY project will ensure you get that Dad of the Year award.

Cheap Personal Fire Pit – And if your backyard camping adventures are spoiled by running to the microwave to make S’mores, consider this ‘Personal Fire Pit for Cheap’ DIY project. By using any ol’ metal planter, cheap picture frame glass, rocks, and a metal tray, you’ll be on your way to summer evenings next to the fire in no time without breaking the bank.

‘Man-Bait’ Bacon Whiskey Doughnuts – When Sunday morning rolls around and its time to clean up the mini-staycation backyard campground, you’ll need some good ‘ol fashioned doughnuts. Why not make the adults some bacon whiskey doughnuts? Bacon whiskey Doughnuts?? I want bacon whiskey doughnuts!! This ‘Man-Bait’ doughnut recipe features a heavenly mix of the big three in a man’s heart: bacon, whiskey, and doughnuts all in one.

Recipe Natural Cleaning Bottle – Finally, if you’re stuck with the duty of cleaning dried, melted marshmallow off of your deck, opt out of the harsh chemicals and try the Recipe Natural Cleaning Bottle from Crate and Barrel. This unique bottle design incorporates a citrus juicer into the body allowing you to easily create your own natural household cleaner on the go.

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