For those afflicted with OCD (did you see this desk organizer?) or if you just can’t take a break from designing things, you may find this handy, little ruler interesting.

Created by New England-based company Onehundred, the Qbit is a modern interpretation of the Cubit ruler – a portable measuring tool our ancestors used when they were tired of using their feet as measuring devices (it must have been the smell). Like its thousand-year-old predecessor, the Qbit is made for quick measurements when laying out quick measurements.

qbit ruler

Of course, a thousand years brings a lot of changes.

Instead of the Cubit’s original wood material, the Qbit is made from either stainless steel or brass, depending on your preference.

qbit ruler

As a measuring apparatus, the ruler comes laser-etched with modern day measurement systems, metric or standard units. The short ruler measure lengths up to 3 inches (or 75 mm) while the long ruler can reach measurements of up to 6 inches (or 150 mm). A red rubber ring around the ruler helps those with short-term memory loss keep track of their measurements and transfer them a little easier, while unit increments line the side to allow accurate measurements.

qbit ruler

That’s all there is to it, really. The Qbit was made to be a portable way to measure things while on the go or as a simple convenience. The small ruler can be affixed to a keychain, while the long ruler can still be stored in your bag.

The project has already exceeded its $1,000 Kickstarter goal by 30 times (with current funding over $30,000) and is live until October 12th. You can find out more about it on the  Qbit Kickstarter page.


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