I know. I KNOW. You’ve got your desktop segmented alphabetically using a number substitution cypher based on an obsession with cigars made between the years of 1928 and A.I.G.F. You don’t need any more organization. Oh, but YOU DO, because when you see this desktop organizer, you’ll toss your codekey for stacks of 3D printed organizing beauty.

MatterHackers is no n00b when it comes to 3D printing, so it was exciting to see one of their creations they recently shared online pop up, available for download and 3D print. From Instagram:

We seriously love when 3D printing is being used to create functional parts, like this tool organizer that was printed in our Burgundy PRO Series PLA

We love it too and we love that burgundy (I’m Ron Burgundy?), because it reminds of things that are funny. You can download the file on MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out this delightful birdhouse by MatterHackers too!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

3d printed desktop organizer


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