You may have just returned from that weekend trip, growing your beard and connecting with nature via a fish hook to the cheek… the ear… and also the upper eyelid. You even caught a few fish to prove it could actually be done, but tying on those fish hooks after clipping them repeatedly from the fish (and your face) was the least enjoyable experience of the adventure. Fortunately, the Minke fishing tool from Meso Design is aiming to change that. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the award winning tool that simplifies the knot tying and keeps you casting till your bucket overfloweth with fishies.

Gone Fishing

It’s not a bundle of dynamite, but it’s the next best thing. A tool that holds the fish hook, allowing you to run, wrap and pass the fishline through for a perfect fisherman’s knot everytime. It features clippers and an eyelet cleaning needle, so it’s more of a fishing multitool to make your fishing buddies insanely jealous. The top of the line functionality and striking aesthetics brought Meso Design the illustrious Red Dot Design Award for the concept last year. That and a healthy dose of demand, pushed the project forward.


During the prototyping phase, they used SolidWorks to communicate the constantly-adapting engineering designs with manufacturers, then re-modeled Minke from the ground up in 3ds Max for more freedom in the visualizations. “Minke has been subject to an extensive design, development and prototyping process.” says Rob Hanson, Design Engineer with Meso Ltd. “This utilized basic hand-crafted models, 3D printing, custom machined versions and even test tooling. Allied to an exhaustive testing and analysis process, including critical focus groups.”

When you see how the tool works, you can almost sense the amount of iteration that went into the development. “The fine fishing lines, along with small eyelet hooks we identified as being those we wanted to work with, were both prototyping issues we had to overcome.” Rob explains, “We looked to achieve exact tolerances around the head of the tool that the line is threaded through, so this key movement can be as smooth and effortless as possible, removing any possibility of the line snagging. Material was also critical in this area with the choice of PTFE providing the perfect level of friction.”

The same attention to detail was also dedicated to the rubber section which holds the fishing hook with an equally iterative prototyping process allowing the team to select the best material for smooth operation and a snug fit with the hook. Being a handheld object, nailing down tactility by testing materials of different weights and finishes was a critical phase of the development as well. It all came together though in a product that is visually striking and has the functionality to go along.

The Kickstarter project began this week, so you still have until October 5th to jump in and back the project. The $24 Early Bird specials are all gone, but you can snag the Minke fishing tool for $28 or a personalized Minke tool for $47. So, you have the tool to help catch the fish. Now, all you need is to work on the cleaning, scaling and filleting of that fish for the fry pan.








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