If you’re hankering for a magnificent piece of man metal (and a magnificent manufacturing process), RogueDZN is about to make you clench your teeth so tight they shatter… twice. Matt Tremblay, Founder of RogueDZN (and chief designer at __________) just announced the release of the ultimate in high performance, machined G5 titanium hotness for your wristbone, the signature edition RogueDZN Armadillo:161. A bracelet that’ll put a small dent in your wallet and the toughest looking piece of metal on your arm. Check out the process and videos after the break.

RogueDZN Armadillo:161

Designed as a true test of the symbiotic union of organic forms and mechanical function, each of the 161 custom pieces of the Armadillo:161 are individually 5 and 9 axis machined from G5 titanium billet block. The process of creation requires well over 400 machine-hours to complete a single assembly. Each link is comprised of 8 separate custom machined pieces, individually serial numbered and paint-filled. The off set angled clasp has a captured thumbscrew that allows for extremely easy one-handed operation. The secondary thumb-screws integrated into the clasp are mini-wrenches used to adjust the bracelet and remove links.

MATERIAL: Mil-Spec G5 Aerospace-Grade Titanium
PROCESSES: 5-axis & 9-axis machined from billet block, etching
FINISH: Zero hand finishing / Calculated tool-paths
DIMENSIONS: WIDTH: 30.278mm (1.19″), HIEGHT: 13.136mm (0.51″), THICKNESS: 6mm(0.23″)

There’s a limit of 50 on Rogue’s latest design and if you’ve clicked through already, you probably saw the price. $35,000. But just imagine, a few bags of plasma later and it’ll be all yours. You can see a sweet ace 360 degree exploded view and more images on the 161 product page. Video and images of the 161 below.


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