Excitement. That’s what I look for in a good computer mouse – edge of your seat clicking, here… then THERE, real fast like. You too? The Penclic Mouse may be all you desire, but not really, but really. It combines both mouse and pen into one desk sliding implement of adventurous delight. Europe has been enjoying the Penclic mouse for quite some time and now it’s set to take over the US and Canada at all major retailers. Want it? Need it? Have a look.

Penclic Mouse

Our Penclic mouse is designed to utilise, and benefit from the superior navigation we have in our fingertips. Our mouse moves with you, it feels like it predicts where you are planning to move the cursor. The pen-grip provides comfort and a relaxed working position to secure your strength.

“Feels” like it predicts? I want it to predict. C’mon. The mouse features 5 buttons and a scroll wheel, connects with a 1.6m cord to USB (or wireless via USB) and you don’t need any drivers to make it run. It’s certainly adding some interest to input devices, especially with such a big shift to tablets taking place. However, with the PC and the need for a mouse far from over, this may actually provide a better experience for those who fear the traditional mouse. Or, at the very least, ease the transition to computing with a tablet pen. Excited?

Penclic via Engadget. Hat tip to Butch who uses one of these for both hands… and feet.


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