It seems as though the discussion of first-class cabin designs for aerospace is overly-saturated with concepts blending between too conceptual and alien-like or too sci-fi and cold. Design studio Priestmangoode started with the best part of any home: the living room, and translated those comfortable UX elements into a cabin in the sky…sofa included.

Home Away From Home

The cabin re-design was for Brazil’s national air carrier TAM Airlines, and as Luke Hawes, Director of Priestmangoode explains:

“Our work for TAM is crucial to their brand development, giving them the customer experience they need as they move up to become a major international carrier. The designs, which are being rolled out across the entire fleet, present TAM as an important international player and give them the tools they need to compete with the world’s other major international carriers.”

In a world of ambient purple lighting and futuristic interior concepts, the more homey-like, relaxed interior is a welcome contender:

“Our concept was to design a ‘Home away from Home’, moving away from hard finishes and creating a softer, luxurious cabin more in keeping with high-end interior design”

The socially-considered cabins are modeled after furniture arrangements in a household–allowing entire families to gather in a flight versus being constrained to a linear seating pattern that even the most modern of first class cabins constrain their passengers to:

“The two central seats have a feature sofa that replaces standard footstools, offering a relaxed and comfortable social setting for passengers travelling together.”

While we might not see communal fireplaces in the sky anytime soon, I’ll take this interior any day from JFK to Heathrow……if you’re paying.

via Priestmangoode


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