Amazing new campaign out on Kickstarter – a lens attachment to give you, the iPhone user, the ability to scan an object and turn it into an OBJ, DXF or STL. So yes you can share your very best ‘ducklips’ over Facebook with an extra dimension of sheer silliness. The PhoneScope3D is placed over the back camera-lens, magnifying the image by 5x. The entire lens is surrounded by a set of LEDs that flash one after another, allowing your phone to stitch together all of the images from various angles and create 3D image with only one camera required.

Get this – $99 for the whole enchilada. And only 33 days to go. Check it!

A Closer Look

Add dimension to your pictures. You don’t need special 3D glasses for this. The actual geometry of the scene is captured as an impression. In particular for uniform and flat surfaces such as a coin, a tree leaf and even engravings the 3D shape and detail captured is simply astounding…[]… You don’t need to go to your desktop to do the conversion. You can do it straight from your phone! …. The application builds the 3D surface scan. You can then share, store and view this like any other data.

At the moment, it’s a web-based application – you need delicious Internet access to fully utilize your PhoneScope3D. You know what else is cool? Much of the flash part is made with a 3D printer, simply because it was difficult to manufacture any other way.

iPirate Objects?

Now that I can copy quarters and become my own mint, am I rich? (Possibly yes) Now that I can copy those crazy looking cufflinks, am I stealing the earnings of a designer? (Maybe). Manufacturing anything is dependant on so many different inputs, materials and know-how that having a PhoneScope3D and a Makerbot isn’t going to make you the Pirate King of Cyberspace, maligned by the Corporate World and admired by Kim DotCom. It’s easier to share music and movies because it’s easy to copy, move and, most importantly, reproduce. Moving STLs is the easy part – copy and pasting? Not so fast.

Source: Kickstarter