Some would rather drive down Route 1 in a Porsche Carrera listening to Tiesto instead of modeling the exotic convertible in SolidWorks. If, however, you desire the later, you’ll want to pause your SolidWorks surfacing infusion and jab this into the base of your neck. In a previous post, Mark Biasotti detailed the desire to model the Porsche Carrera GT, taking on the challenge of building the entire surface of the exterior and interior. Of course, a full SolidWorks model of such a car, by such a master, would be a high demand item. So, the week after he told his story, he posted all the files for the car, including the full “2500+ feature beast” that you can roll through till your mouse-clicking finger pops off.


Porsche Carrera GT SolidWorks Model

As you may recall, creating this model took Mark the better part of a year to complete. It’s extremely detailed and, if you’re interested in surfacing with SolidWorks, shows how Mark approaches the toughest areas of the car, including the dash, console and instrument cluster.

From Mark:

the best way to interrogate it is to use the freeze bar in combination with the rollback bar to look at each of the main feature folders individually.

Agreed. This is all one part, organized into folders. No top-down assembly strategy here *shiver*, but you’ll see how reference geometry, with many modeling situations, can be your friend. You can download the entire SolidWorks file on the SolidWorks forum post.


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