When it comes to staying innovative in an age where toys are being replaced by touchscreen devices and apps, leave it to NERF to keep churning out new ways of experiencing the same toy over and over again.

Yesterday, the toy blaster brand that’s responsible for more than a handful of office warfare battles announced their new Doomlands line of blasters that feature clear plastic housings – ultimately revealing how foam darts go from chamber to forehead. The clear windows on both of the blasters particularly focus on how the reloading and firing mechanisms work.

The Doomsland line, which will start with two unique blasters, is inspired by a narrative that’s based on a combination of futuristic and wild west elements and a backstory that’s set to an asteroid impact on earth that wiped out civilization over a century ago.



Perhaps most importantly though, is that the toys are communicating basic mechanisms to a younger generation in a way that more traditional STEM-based educational materials might not; understanding existing products are engineered makes kids think differently about the world around them, so why not start with what they’re already playing with?


The blasters, which feature the shotgun-style Vagabond and the oversized revolver-style Lawbringer, will start at $25 and will be available for purchase starting August 1st.