Usually, when I’m talking to someone about vegetables, it’s about making a room size bed of leafy greens, methods for stitching carrot and snap pea riot gear or practical locations for beet juice dispensers. But you have to GROW your veggies first before doing any such interesting endeavors.

Morgan Morey, a historied jeweller from the Isle of Wright, went outside his usual creative prowess of fantastical sculpted jewellry and figure design to create a practical, yet artful, aquaponics wall installation. Best of all, it’s MODULAR and serves a variety of functions.

The cans are all easily removed to work as individual pots. The system will be easily customizable for individual plant setups as each tin can be filled with different planting media. Best of all the water once its passed through the system becomes totally clean and fresh for the fish.”

I’ve been exploring ideas to create a countertop aquaponics fodder system, and this is one method that is really interesting. It’s a one-piece print that, with additional pipe connector attachment, connects and routes water through any quantity of plant sections. They can be used individually or separate and hold a standard tin can. Just think, you could grow an entire wall of rosemary, or thyme, or flowers to pick each morning and take you your lovely co-workers.modular aquaponics wall system

I can’t wait to print this, adapt it, mod it and see how it works on the countertop. One thing I think it ‘ll need is a base, wall or tank attachment, and upper attachment depending on height and weight–A full 12-foot wall of spinach is going to weight a bit… I may need more fish tanks.

You can download the model at MyMiniFactory. (Bonus! Check out Morgan’s other work. He’s got loads of Overwatch sculpts and some REALLY cool jewellery pieces. See them here!)

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