The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start leveling your gift wrapping skills for this year! You could improve your hand wrapping by watching a 5-minute video tutorial, or you could splurge on LEGO Technic pieces and make your own gift wrapping machine.

YouTube video

The Brick Wall YouTube channel created this massive LEGO wrapping factory using almost every LEGO piece in their collection. Measuring 183 cm (72 inches) long, 51 cm (20 inches) tall, and 71 cm (28 inches) wide, this plastic project can pack presents for you, provided they’re of a specific size.

lego wrapping factory

After loading the gifts onto a conveyor belt, rollers on the opposite end feed a sheet of wrapping paper through the machine. The paper is cut and laid on top of the gifts before being lifted to the second level. This upwards motion provides the first of many folds essential to professional LEGO Technic wrapping.

lego wrapping factory

Once at the top, another set of machines pushes the gifts to the other side of the wrapping factory. Along the way, the wrapping paper gets pressed and folded by multiple LEGO Technic pieces along the production line.

lego wrapping factory

The gifts make their final pass through what I like to call the adhesive station, where adhesive is applied to the sides of the wrapping paper. A diagonal LEGO Technic column seals it all in before parking the gifts to a waiting station where they await delivery.

lego wrapping factory

A conveyor belt brings the gifts down to a lift where a LEGO Technic delivery truck awaits to keep with the motif. With a bit of human help, the gifts are loaded atop each other, and the truck begins its deliveries.

Of course, this LEGO Technic wrapping factory only works with gifts that fit specific dimensions. Items larger or smaller won’t allow for the proper folding and application of adhesive to the wrapping paper. But if you’ve got a bunch of similarly sized gifts to send out to friends and family, then this looks like a fun way to wrap them.


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