It’s been exactly a week since the much-anticipated release of the Jony Ive-designed iOS 7 was revealed at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco, and already there is a Tumblr parody on par with the popular Hipster Branding Tumblr. I vividly remember back in design school when fellow industrial design students ‘branded’ their projects with mixed results–which commonly led to group critique discussions centered around ‘industrial designers are not graphic designers’. Perhaps the goal of this humorous crowd-sourced blog is to reinstate that point—at Apple’s expense of course.

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

While it’s been stated that the Apple Marketing Department designed and pushed the new iOS 7 icon color palletes, it was still under the direction of Jony. According to the sleuths over at The Next Web,

“Many of the new icons were primarily designed by members of Apple’s marketing and communications department, not the app design teams. From what we’ve heard, SVP of Design Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) brought the print and web marketing design team in to set the look and color palette of the stock app icons. They then handed those off to the app design teams who did their own work on the ‘interiors’, with those palettes as a guide. We’ve also been hearing that there wasn’t a whole lot of communication between the various teams behind say, Mail and Safari. And that there were multiple teams inside each group that were competing with various designs, leading to what some see as inconsistencies in icon design. Those may well be hammered out in days ahead. “

Regardless of what sort of magic pixie dust the design fairies sprinkled over Cupertino, it’s still fun to take a look at what would happen if Jony and Co took a stab at redesigning other iconic graphics and products:

Apple Logo
The Beatles
Game of Thrones
Google Glass
Nokia 3310
Steve Jobs’ Reaction to iOS7
Stop Sign
Plants Vs Zombie App
Nike Logo

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