Not all of us are able to build wild contraptions that strap to our backs and allow us to shoot plastic out the tips of our fingers. That’s why there are places like CloudFab who will take on the task for you.

However, instead of depending on a couple three-jointed appendages for plastic forming, they’ve harnessed the spidery power of the web by bringing the manufacturer direct to you. Today, they’re out of Beta, opening the doors and adding new features for Manufacturers and Designers. Features that allow you to ‘print’ cash… so to speak. HA!

Here’s how CloudFab puts it:
CloudFab basically works like this: Manufacturers list their machines and prices. Buyers can then upload STL files, and request quotes from all manufacturers that have a machine that can make their part. We’ve written software that analyzes the file and automatically generates a quote based on various factors, including shipping cost.

What’s New?

  • Buyer – Have a part? Upload files and get bids!
  • Manufacturer – Have a 3D printer? Bid on projects, make cash!
  • Designer – Have crazy design talent? Design for others, make some cash!

Sign up here.

Things I personally like about CloudFab:
It’s fast. Bids returned same day.
Easy interface. Upload and go.
Lots of options and material choices.
Doesn’t require skin grafts.

Things I personally dislike about CloudFab:
An upload status is needed.
Time-out errors on some uploads.
Need more info on materials/process.
I’m not partial to sky blue.

As stated above, CloudFab is outta Beta, which means anyone is free to use it. They also want to know what you think, so give them your two cents online, via email, on twitter or below in the comments!

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