When it comes to silicone molds, the possibilities for fun are boundless. Whether you’re using an existing Death Star mold to create a concrete vase or are creating an entirely new mold for a space shooter prototype, silicone molds have always been one of the most fun—and educational—ways of creating a three-dimensional object.

Among other great uses we’ve seen for the flex-casting process is the IceLiners project that has already reached its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 with hours left to go in their campaign today.

Rather than using a mold to create a standalone ice block, the creators have integrated a glass itself into the ice shape design to create an ice-lined glass…genius!

“As a former bartender, one of the most common calls was for a cold martini. People wanted a chilled glass, they wanted it shaken hard, and they wanted ice crystals floating on the top. Why? Because they wanted it cold. Over the years I became a martini drinker myself and have come to learn the beauty of an ice cold martini. I wanted to create an experience where the very last sip is as cold as the first … and I have.”


Project creator Daniel Kana further explains his product design inspiration from…what else? An already-existing silicone mold-making process in the form of dental molds:

“As a dentist, I would use dental impression material to make solid ice martini glasses which ended up melting quickly and being very messy. I started to think of a better way to create a cold glass. I thought maybe we could line the glass with a layer of ice. Glass is an excellent insulator, and perhaps this would be more effective than the solid ice glass. I also thought it was extremely important to use high-end glass stem wear as I like the feel of glass to my lips. There are some clunky plastic devices out there, but they are not very classy. At the end of the day, a martini is a classy drink.”



As the above images show, creating a suitable liner that holds the water while it freezes (and ultimately leaving a ‘presentable’ ice block) was more difficult than one might initially assume. Either way, we’re pretty sure that a glass of bourbon wasn’t too far away to help ease through the frustrations.

You still have a few hours left today to get your own IceLiner over at the IceLiners Kickstarter page.


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