After a successful Kickstarter campaign in February of 2014 that saw them raise over $250,000 (with an original goal of $18,000) The Floyd Leg creators have been busy expanding their product line that was born out of the successful Kickstarter campaign.

This time around, they want to enable you to create an entire workshop or office environment—ping pong table included—using their simple furniture building system.

The system, which ‘nomadic’ creators Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell developed out of the frustration of having to move large and awkward tables and furniture with permanent legs, is as simple as four legs with each including an integrated F-clamp fastener for using whatever material of your choice for the table top surface.


While their first iteration, as seen on Kickstarter, was designed for light-to-medium use, Hoff and O’Dell updated their simple DIY system to support heavier loads using an integrated strap system that reinforces the collective strength of the legs:

Produced locally in their native Detroit, the name ‘Floyd’ comes from Hoff’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather…all of who were American steel workers. The decision to localize their steel manufacturing in Detroit with local machine shops adds a nice touch of storytelling to an otherwise simple yet brilliant product.

The entire collection, which also includes a shelving system and legs for different-sized tables for adding your own reclaimed our custom material to starts at $85 over at


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