After I wrote about the ThinkPad Tablet last week, I was contacted by Lenovo and offered a unit to review for a month or so. Of course I took them up on the offer. This is a quick post which will be followed up in a few weeks with an in-depth review.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet

Overall, the tablet is really nice and makes the experience of sketching on an iPad—even with a good stylus—feel a little akin to doing your work with crayons. The stylus is responsive, Sketchbook Pro was easy to install and, while slightly bigger than my iPad in every dimension, the ThinkPad Tablet is a nice piece of hardware. I have had some issues, but I’m not sure which of my early issues can be assigned to my unfamiliarity with Android, actual issues with Android (3.1), issues with Sketchbook Pro, or actual issues with the ThinkPad Tablet. As such, I will hold back on that stuff until I have had more time with the device. Still, I’m loving it for sketching so far.

Happy Points

  • The 1280×800 IPS display looks good.
  • Sketchpad Pro works perfectly with the digitizer.
  • The ability to lay your palm down while drawing works really well–once you learn its rules.
  • This thing has connectivity ports out the wazoo.

As I said, give me some time to get used to it and actually use it for work and I will give a full run-down. So far, though, this is the closest I’ve seen to Cintiq-on-the-cheap.

Image Credit: @idlehands