Yes! The time has come to announce the winners if the very first SolidSmack Design Contest. This… was absolutely incredible. We had over 130 entries across a range of categories spanning architecture, automotive, consumer products and more. You can just see all the entries at GrabCAD. With the amount of entries and the thought that was put into many of the designs, choosing the winners was more challenging than putting this contest together. Nevertheless, we have 7 winners and a big dish of honorable mentions to take home over $15,000 in prizes! Here they are.

The Winners

As mentioned in the contest announcement, all the entries were judged on 4 criteria – Creativity, Quality, Sauciness and Manufacturability. The judging was done by SolidSmack and the sponsors of the contest. First place will receive first choice of the prize packages (see down below), second place will receive second choice and so on. All winners and honorable mentions will receive a SolidSmack t-shirt as well! Without further ado, here are the results!

1st place

Wheelchair / Mauricio Maeda

“In my humble opinion, design should not be just about making beautiful things but to improve people’s lives and serve a purpose as well. I decided to model a wheelchair because I hardly ever could find one that presented a little more comfort and some additional features.”

2nd place

Executive lounge (onion concept) / Gee

“A friend of mine has an open air gym studio. He needed a sporty concept in the rest lounge for the customer. Since the gym has a transparant wall & roof, the rest lounge should always be clean and neat when not in use …….plus the sofa/ chair should foldable to save space. The lounge can also be seen from higher buildings near it, so the rest area needs to be attractive.”

3rd place

Pivot Press / Jeff Bare

“The pivot press is a coffee or tea cup with an integrated press. Designed to go with you as you travel and explore. This press reduces the number of separate parts & makes those parts out of durable materials to handle the outdoors.”

4th place

Mobile Graphics Workstation / Sönke Dierks

“My design is a hybrid between a digital drawing-board (like the wacom cintiq 21ux) and a highend notebook. With its dockingstation, along with a keyboard and mouse it can used as a desktop replacement, or as a secondary monitor for your desktop.”

5th place

C7 Corvette / James Robbins

“I took this opportunity to turn this design project into something useful and inspirational for designers and engineers. Whats better to mix design and engineering than by making an 1:8 scale toy model of a cool looking car.”

6th place

Desktop CNC Machine Concept / Bettak

“5-AXIS Desktop CNC Machining, the RAPIMA RMX-15”

7th place

Monocylce / Matt Lyle

“This is a monowheel bike that uses magnetic repulsion to create a bearing for the wheel to operate. The idea is based on the technology of a maglev train mixed with the McLean wheel.”

Honorable Mentions

Fun rider / Gregory Piol

Fruit Basket / Benjamin Cann

V-10 Motorcycle / John Reis

Rescue Vehicle / Scott C

Auto Mechanics / JE Paz

Bicycle Frame / Jazbec

Urban Climbing / Daniel W

Custom Cycle / Zerothree

Bike parking / Alfredo Gallozzi

Interior / Maragera

Hot Rod / Scott Bruins

Submarine / Ken Schulze

G-force simulator / Stef Varga

Helion TR9 / Nic

Hi-tech Chair / Brijen Parmar

Hubless ATV / John Reis

Key Stack / Paul Alex

Meta-gaurd / Philip Gilbanks

Modular shelf / Levent aksu

Oring fan / Carlos Lima

Sport suit / Allan

Star Cafe Moto / Gregory Piol

Tadpole Trike / Corbett S

Xflow concept car / Rui Alexandre

Prize Packages

There are seven winners. First place will have first choice of the Prize packages below, Second winner get second choice, and so on. An additional $500 cash prize (courtesy GrabCAD) and 3D print (courtesy Shapeways) will given to the first place winner. Winners are to send an email to [email protected] to be put in order to select their prize.

Additional prize for 1st place winner
$500 Cash prize to (courtesy of
3D print of your design (courtesy of Shapeways)

Prize package #1
SolidWorks Standard (courtesy of DS SolidWorks Corp)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #2
SpaceClaim Engineer with 1 year of Maintenance (Courtesy of SpaceCalim)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #3
KeyShot Pro (courtesy of KeyShot)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #4
T-Splines for Rhino (courtesy of T-Splines
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #5
tsElements for SolidWorks (courtesy of T-Splines)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #6
Space Pilot Pro 3D Mouse (courtesy of 3DConnexion)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

Prize package #7
Kubotek KeyCreator with 1 year of Maintenance (Courtesy of Kubotek)
Subscription to Develop3D magazine
SolidSmack T-Shirt

A Big SolidSmack Thank you

I would certainly like to thank everyone who entered the contest as well as the sponsors for putting up the prizes. I would like to encourage everyone who entered to pursue your passion, pursue developing these products and go after getting your design into production. There are sites such as Kickstarter that can be a huge help in getting a project out in the public and funded. And as always, SolidSmack will be there to help get your idea out there as well. Thanks again to everyone for making this such a successful contest.


Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.