You know the right lighting just makes the most cold, damp murder-scene of a space a warm, inviting nest of shadows and highlights. Thing is, most shapes wrapping the bulbs are just as cold and unstylish as the bloody room corners they’re illuminating. Not so with the handmade Faceture Light Shade from the fab mind of New Zealand’s Phil Cuttance. He’s created a series of faceted vessels, light-shades and table that we simply adore and he’s not afraid to tell about the craftsmanship either.


Faceture Light Shade

I love everything about these lights–the material, process and especially the way the light reflects off each face. Phil creates each one individually by casting a water-based resin into a simple papercraft-like, handmade mold that he is able to uniquely shape for each piece. Best of all, he’s provided insight into the making of his Faceture creations along with a video on the process. From Phil:

“I like the idea of people knowing where products come from, and what goes into making them. I think a lot of products are now seen as ‘throw – away’ as they are made on a mass scale, in places far away from where they end up, and out of sight. There was time when people commissioned a local maker or craftsman to make an object, which gave it an inherent value. I like that model.”

FACETURE from Phil Cuttance on Vimeo.

Wow, so good. There’s more info at his site on the machine set-up. At $300 a pop, the light-shades are pricey, but if you’re ever so eclectic sense get the better of you, you can pick one or three up right here. You can also browse the full range of vessels and table here.







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