When asked to take part in the Designer Challenge in a recent issue of Computer Arts Projects centered around a new spin on the business card, designer Mikey Burton opted to omit the card altogether–creating a traveling ‘letterpress’ instead.


Like many designers, I am drawn to all sorts of handmade printing processes. I find the imperfections of each is what makes them so intriguing, from the mottled textures created by letterpress, to the chalky quality of screen printing ink. I try to incorporate these textures into my work as an illustrator and designer because they add authentic character to work I do on the computer.

-Designer Mikey Burton

If there’s one thing that most designers can agree they all love, it’s the process of how something is made. For Mikey’s rubber stamp concept, the original idea of carrying around a rubber stamp sounded obstructive and inconvenient–not to mention a horrible ink mess waiting to happen. Burton then consulted with Cranky Pressman who directed him to the Inspector Stamp, a small, metal, self-inking stamp on a keychain measuring in at 3/4″ across:

“While this size may seem like an incredibly small area to design in, I find it to be quite adequate. So often, we load tons of extraneous info onto our business cards, just because we have the space. Nowadays, such little info is needed on a card for someone to actually get ahold of you. A one-word twitter handle can be all that is needed.”

Very true. As business cards have become more of a vehicle for flashiness than actual informative information, the Inspector Stamp is a perfect modern day promoter of ‘you’ with a nod to the past. Perhaps the best explanation of the non-pretentiousness use of the stamp can be summed up by Burton:

“With this stamp, you are able to print your condensed snippet of info onto any substrate—a beer mat, someone else’s business card, a napkin, or even someone’s hand. After all, people are more likely to lose a business card in a drunken stupor, but less likely to lose their hand.”


Check out Cranky Pressman to get your own Inspector Stamp.

via Mikey Burton


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