“You have Zeppelin on vinyl? Pfft I have it on FisherPrice Toy Records. Thus, I am so much better than you – and more pretentious.” Seriously, there is now a way for you to take all of your favourite Extreme Swedish Death Metal Bands (Meshuggah on plastic – the irony would rock). Fred27 posted this instructable about how to take your favourite tunes, plug ’em into OpenSCAD, create the correct script to generate the necessary CAD file and then ROCK. Second childhood, here I come.

Old Toys Come to Life Again

Let’s have Fred explain,

A little while ago I stumbled across an old toy record player made by Fisher Price in the 1970s, and decided that what it really needed was some new tunes. I got thinking about it, reverse engineered the way it was encoded, got out my trusty CNC mill and created an Instructable all about it right here. I was blown away by the response to it, but I only know of one person who had a goat milling their own….So I decided that a 3D printed version would follow to give more people a chance to get creative.

Its really facinating how quickly 3D Printing is stretching the possibilities of CAD. Surprisingly, using CAD to make music is becoming a popular refrain – we never imagined we’d be writing so many “What you Hear is What You’ll See”. The other interesting thing is that toys that people dismissed as outdated have found a new use. 3D Printers mean that you can copy and share records (Ha! Take that RIAA). Granted, plunky toy records – I see the perfect thing to put on PirateBay’s rather sparse ‘Physibles‘ torrent category for 3D printable models. I wonder if real vinyl records could be made – that’d be a godsend.

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