Despite its effort in efficiency, the spork is still the most evilly awkward of eating utensils and still made of that evil non-biodegradable plastic. It’s about time someone came up with a new spoon design that puts the spork (and other disposable eating utensils?) permanently in the rubbish heap to slowly not degrade over a thousand years.

Enter the Eco Scoop, a portable, biodegradable, flatpack spoon Kickstarted designed by the Bristol jewelry design company Dot Dot Dash. A far cry from their other products, the Eco Scoop is their contribution in solving the ever-increasing waste problem of the world.

Though it doesn’t have the versatility of a spork, this foldable spoon starts off in a flat water-resistant package which fits snuggly inside a wallet or shirt pocket. Whenever a person finds themselves caught without a reusable utensil to eat their lunch with, BAM, rip open the packaging and *pop* the spoon into place.

Flat-Packed, Biodegradable Spoon Design

Unlike plastic cutlery, the Eco Scoop is composed entirely out of biodegradable materials. The unique spoon design uses a five-ply paper construction made of two parts Biopolymer, two layers of Flexi Paper, and one part high-density paper. The wood used to make these spoons comes from sustainable European forests–one of the best kinds of forests. This means the spoons starts decomposing within four weeks instead of four hundred years and less guilt after your four hundred party guests toss their spoons on your front lawn.

Flat-Packed, Biodegradable Spoon Design

But this paper spoon isn’t as flimsy as a teenager who spends all of his time playing video games. It’s designed in such a way to stand up to 1kg of pure, unadulterated, jaw-crushing force and still retain its curvy shape. And while your stomach might not be able to fully digest them, the Eco Scoop can hold hot/oily foods like curry and chili con carne, no problem. Despite its sturdy design, the spoon has no sharp edges and is completely child-friendly, making it safe for kids to use during their annual school food fights.

With its biodegradable composition and structure which rivals traditional plastic utensils, the Eco Scoop might just save the world from being overrun by identity-confused sporks. The project currently pushing towards its £22,000 ($28237 USD) goal on Kickstarter and has until September 17, 2017 to be fully funded.

A 10 pack costs £4 ($5.13 USD), while A one month supply of 30 Eco Scoops cost £6 ($7.70). There are a few other quantity options as well, all with a ship date of December 2017–just in time for the year end celebrations.


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