Toilet humor is considered rude and cheap, but this time around we have a very innovative contraption that fits the bill in a good way.

It’s not new news that we as humans have to use the restroom daily. It’s also not new news that we flush down gallons of water because, well…because that’s how hygiene works.

However it is new news that you can save around 50 gallons a week, if you ‘Drop-A-Brick’ (in your toilet).

The Drop A Brick is a redesign of an age-old trick of tricking your toilet into thinking that it has more water than it needs, since the volume of the brick takes up what would otherwise be water. With the recent drought in California, they perhaps picked the right time to put a product like this on the market:

Weighing only 8 ounces when its shipped in a flat envelope, you need to put the brick under the tap for a bit and let the hydro-gel inside expand to 200 times it’s original size. This gives the Drop-A-Brick the weight it needs to sink. The next step is to wedge the Drop-A-Brick vertically into your toilet’s tank and then replace the lid. What happens is that the brick ends up displacing about half a gallon of water, thereby tricking your toilet into using less water.

Who said tricks are bad?

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