When your first design objective is ‘It Needs to Look Awesome’, chances are it will probably not only look awesome but BE awesome, too. Such is the case with mechanical designer Pat Starace’s 3D printed Iron Man prosthetic hand.

While only one has been made (and requests have been pouring in, apparently), the concept is outrageously genius…combining the mechanics and effects you would expect to see in an impressive toy into a functional and needed object to make a hindered life better.

Better yet, even though it’s among one of the more complicated 3D printed hands we’ve ever seen (just look at all those features on the image below!), it’s still remarkably cheaper than more traditional hand-replica designs that can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Pat, the project took a little over a month from start to finish. He began by modeling the hand in Maya and then importing the geometry into SolidWorks for surfacing, mechanical design, assembly and simulation. He then printed all of the housing components on a Bukobot Vanilla V1.


From Pat:

How can we help a child that faces everyday challenges with a disability?

My answer is to give them the most awesome prosthetic hand, and raise their self esteem to Super Hero Levels.

The vision was to create a hand, so that a child can have something that solves a mechanical challenge, is affordable, and mostly Looks Awesome!

Design goals: 1) It had to look awesome 2) It had to perform awesome 3) Hide all the strings and mechanics, so nothing distracts from the magic.

Thank You, Your pal Pat Starace (The mechanic)

For some lucky kid, Pat isn’t just ‘The Mechanic’…he deserves the title of ‘Super Hero’, too!


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