There is something delightful about the Odin Kickstarter video. I can’t decide if it’s because the project was created by a small family with a bright idea (dog included) or the final scene in the video (you’ll just have to watch to find out). Either way, it’s fun, simple and effective projects like these that make Kickstarter such a fantastic and powerful platform.

The problem that project creators Michelle Moy and Billy Shih found (which I can personally agree with) is that dog toys are oftentimes unsightly to humans.

Don’t believe them? Next time you’re near a PetSmart or Petco take a quick stroll down the dog toy aisle. The purchasing decision already comes from what a human wants…the dog could care less if ‘Rocco the Dragon’ was pink or green. So why not create something that actually looks good when you have company over?

Their solution is a modular puzzle dog toy that aims to make both humans and dogs happy:

“Dogs don’t care how their toys look, they just want to play. So why not make a beautiful dog toy, something that complements your home? With this in mind and other ideas on improving our dog’s favorite toys, we created The Odin, a puzzle treat toy that is beautiful for your home and fun for your dog.”


“Minimal, modern design inspired by geometric shapes and art combining aesthetics and functionality. After many drawings, CADs, paper and 3D printed prototypes we created a durable, beautiful and extremely functional shape, exceeding even our expectations of not compromising on any aspect of the toy.”


“We created a puzzle toy because it engages dogs on multiple levels, giving them mental stimulation and physical activity. It’s also a type of toy that dogs don’t lose interest in. If your dog enjoys food, they will enjoy The Odin. Simply place treats inside The Odin and, as your dog plays with it, treats will fall out.”

The pair teamed up with an industrial designer friend of theirs to get the ball rolling with product development and are planning on using injection molding as the method of manufacturing.

Considering that they’re already close to $10K of their $25K goal (Kickstarter projects that reach at least 30% have a high success rate) with only a few days into their campaign, it’s safe to say that the Odin will go into production and effectively create a new category of dog toys.

You can purchase an Odin for $25 here.


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