In the 21st century, it’s never enough when an object only has one function. Smart phones need to be computers. Pencils need to be sharpeners. And wallets? When they’re not doubling as a tactical tool why not as a notebooks?

The P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen was made with the purpose of keeping your money, identity, and ideas safe and close at hand. While the video above looks really stylish and shows artists in their element, I can picture a more realistic scenario where this wallet and pen combo would work wonders:

Say you’re going out on a night of drinking alone. The optional multi-tool in the wallet can crack open a few brews while you jot down your address in the notebook. Once you’re properly lit, you pay for your drinks and show the bartender your address before passing out and hitting your head on a tree stump. Simple!

P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

The wallet itself is made from vegetable tanned Italian leather (sounds fancy!) and is laminated by RFID blocking material which keeps your credit cards, licenses, and other information safe. It can house up to 20 cards and is held together by a colored silicone band.

P01 Pioneer Bifold Features

  • Handcrafted and assembled in the USA
  • Vegetable tanned Italian leather
  • Designed to hold up to 20 cards (business or credit cards)
  • RFID blocking to keep your information safe and secure
  • Designed to work with our MT02 Multi-Tool (available separately).
  • 24 Page Dango Notebook (included with the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet + Pen)

P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

For writing, the pen that comes with the package is made from aerospace grade aluminum and has an anodized coating which keeps its shine longer. Unlike normal pens which use gravity to dispense their ink, this one has a pressurized ball point which utilizes compressed air. This means you can write with the pen at any angle – be it a wall or on the ceiling (in case you happen to be Spider-Man). The pen uses refillable cartridges which can be replaced once you fill up the 24-page notebook which fits into the wallet.

P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

While unique, and mighty slick, it may seem a tad excessive when compared to a normal wallet (this one costs around $109), but those who are frequently stricken with inspiration might find this useful. The project has already exceeded its $15,000 goal on Kickstarter (its current funding is over $73,000). You can find more information about this nifty notebook/wallet pairing there.


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