The leaves we raked through the mist had left the eaters confused at first. We pushed the piles close as we could without them seeing, but you could tell they were trying to smell what was helping them feed. Why assist such creatures? Though blind, their quills were the only things that could protect us from these links.

Swang – Dragons! And ships, lots of ships, but also characters, environments, bots and more from the Vancouver, Canada artist.

Rice Art – The village of Inakadate, Japan has become known for their rice paddy art, which has become quite intricate in its design.

VanGo Yourself – You take a Van Gogh painting and recreate it. Some here are great, some… not so much.

Javografo – Instagram follow of the week. Javo uses Platograph Pro to create the trippy, motion graphic effect you see in his photos. See more here.

Brian and Charles – A man isolated and alone, falls into a deep depression. Decides to build A ROBOT that, as you can imagine, loves cabbage.

Fantasy Wire – The fantastical wire sculptures of artist Robin Wright. Faeries, dandelions and more magical creations, plus DIY kits. Story of beginning is an interesting read too.

Guardians Vol 2 VFX – The breakdown from Framestore that shows the lengths they go to for realism with characters and that amazing action.

Worn Wear – A new secondhand store from Patagonia. Buy new or used. Wear. Trade in for something else.

Experience Tube – Yes, it connects you and someone else via a tube of fabric. Yes, you use it to talk with someone else. Yes, it’s real.

Binoculars – A softer tune this week with Bombadil’s new video shot timelapsed around the world on an iPhone 7, edited with FPPX by Cole Mitchek.


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