What’s that you say? Your wallet can store five stamps and a breath mint? That’s nothing. The Dango Tactical Wallet can do all the things a regular wallet can do PLUS saw down a small tree, open a can, open a bottle, measure your bicep, tension a rope, break glass, tighten bolts, drive screws, pry nails and still have enough time to act as your trusty phone stand. “Who needs all that?” WHO DOESN’T?

Charlie Carroll and Thuan Tran head up Dango Products and IN A WORLD of waaaay too many multi-tool options, waaaaay to many wallet options, and waaaay to many combinations of both, they’ve developed a design that puts the others in a tub of soggy, milk-curdled shame, not just with its functional capabilities, but also in the intricately thought out design and material selection. You have 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum layered lovingly beneath a top grain leather exterior with a microfiber interior, banded by a silicon strap to keep everything in its place. The video really breaks down how they approached the design, showing the thought behind it and the things it can do.

YouTube video

All together, the Tactical Wallet has 14 built-in functions (doubled if you holding one in each fist). The multi-tool slides into the card cavity and engages with safety locks built into the wallet chassis when you pop it out to saw, cut or pop a bear in the jaw. There are two color options–raw hide leather and jet black leather–and both look fabulous. On top of all that, it’s handcrafted and made in the good ‘ol US of A, is completely RFID resistant and is TSA compliant (without multi-tool).

They laid the design of the wallet out, modeling each piece in SolidWorks, creating renderings in KeyShot and developing dozens of prototypes. Tran also tells us that a soft wallet had to be realized in order to push the design process forward to develop a hard wallet.



The Dango Wallet Kickstarter campaign is in full swing, blowing past their $15,000 goal and nearing $150,000. There are actually two wallet options, the D01 Dapper Wallet (without multi-tool) and the T01 Tactical Wallet (with multi-tool). They have single options starting at $49 (D01) and $69 (T01) or two and four packs for each with delivery slated for November.









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