If you’ve not heard of Craighton Berman, you’ve seen his work (or work inspired by his). He’s an industrial designer/illustrator based in Chicago and it just so happens that this year’s IDSA International Conference is in Chicago as well. So, it worked out quite nicely for Craighton to stop by and lend his signature sketching to the event, capturing the first round of talks on a massive whiteboard.

The last time Craighton was at the IDSA conference was 2001, in Boston. Since then the conference has grown, bringing in quite an elite array of guest speakers, design and product companies. It’s a conference for students as much as it is for professionals with opportunities for each to network, learn more about what’s going on in the industry and how people do what they do. Craighton captures all of that succinctly in his sketchnotes for the first three sessions during the first full day of IDSA International. Through it, you get the best quotes and the best takeaways without having to sit through each session. Here is each one with featured speakers and how they came together. (Click to embiggen.)

1. Ben Hopson (Kinetic Design), Mark Dziersk & John Edson (Lunar), Marco Perry & Mark Prommel (Pensa), Dean Kamen (Deka R&D)


2. Dr. Vijay Kumar (Uinversity of Penn), Byron Bloch (Auto Safety Design), Jony Ive (Apple), Bruce Nussbaum (Parsons)


3. Zach Kaplan (Inventables), Jim Couch (Lextant), Pat Schiavone (Whirlpool), John Bielenberg (Future)



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