Luxury camping? Sounds like an oxymoron, yet we have been seeing an increasing amount of modified trailer solutions that throw the term ‘roughing it’ into…well, the rough. Among other crazy/functional designs floating around right now are the recently released camper concepts from BMW’s Mini. In an age where camping without any charging cables for a few days might be considered a luxury itself, would you camp in any of these?

The Mini Clubvan Camper

Referred to as the ‘World’s Smallest Luxury Camper Van’, the Clubvan Camper is designed for a single person for short-term getaways. Included in the design is a sleeping berth for one person and an extendable kitchenette complete with a stove and a fridge. Also included are a TV (seriously?), auxiliary heater, a handheld shower, and a glass roof that can be opened at night for stargazing (now that’s more like it).






The Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp

Perhaps inspired by the popular Vanagon Westfalia roof tent, the Countryman ALL4 Camp is the rooftop tent option designed for a ‘safari-style accommodation for the adventurous spirit’. Intended for couples who have taken a spontaneous trip, the upper half of the tent is folded out of it’s storage box to create a ‘room’ on the roof of the Mini…which is accessible by an included ladder.




The Mini Cowley Caravan

Considered to be the most luxurious of the three, the Cowley caravan is a more typical camping trailer featuring a nearly complete kitchen, TV and audio equipment, and ventilation system all powered by solar power module.






What do you think? Should Mini put these into production, or ‘just pack a dang tent’?

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