If you’ve ever tried to restore the inside, outside or underside of an Airstream, you know living in a 3×6 foot area of the trailer while you redo the plumbing over 2 years is just one of the small joys. That’s the DIY approach. The approach that will save you time and keep your last nerve ending from fizzling out is going to the professionals. American Retro Caravans (ARC) is a UK based company that repairs, retrofits and completely re-imagines the retro styling of vintage American Airstream caravans. Their work is impeccable and their site gives a glimpse into the process they go through to update an Airstream while keeping the classic appeal intact. Here’s a look.


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I don’t think anyone can keep from looking at an Airstream trailer–even the tarnished, junk-yard variety have an attraction that screams, “I still got my aluminium mojo.” ARC keeps that mojo going with a little love from their design team, fabbers, fitters and craftsmen. ARC is an family-run business started by Carpenter/Joiner Darren Perry and Designer Kathy Morrison in 2008. They and the ARC crew create caravans for clients that range from individuals to execs, small companies to large corporations. They can renovate for a retro refit, do up a high-end luxury interior, make corporate caravan-ing comfy or turn that vintage find into a unique catering container to help boost your company’s cool-factor. All in all, if it has to do with Airstreams and making awesome, ARC does it.


Personally, I can’t take my eyes off the retro refits, but one of the most fascinating projects is the complete rework of a 1970’s Airstream into a corporate/catering vehicle of classic vintage style. The ARC team created the Weber Experience through a complete overhaul of the Airstream, stripping the interior and even reworking some of the the outer panels to fold open the side and incorporate a large open-air bar area. NICE. Their blog post on the project takes you through some of the process. The results? Simply incredible.






I’ll take it. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale, but they have others that are for sale. On the ARC website Sales page, you’ll find enough variety to satiate your hunger for Airstream renovations. The prices may make you a little less hungry, as they go for anywhere from US $20,974 (£13,800) to US $85,115 (£56,000), but seeing the beauty flow through each design is definitely a feast for the eyes. You can also follow ARC Airstream on Twitter to keep up to date about projects, workshop insight and more. Follow them @arc_airstreams.


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