If there was one desk I would sit behind and make loud, obnoxious race car sounds followed by dry hacking… it would be this one. A desk inspired by the 1930’s era of Bugatti Grand Prix racers tearing blue streaks around the track. This work of engineering brilliance is the brainchild of Alan Sawyer and team at Luzzo Bespoke. With over 3500 design, engineering and production hours poured into 350 precision components, it brings the shivers of awe. Specs? It sports a retractable monitor, height adjustment, self closing lockable drawers and that bad-ass Bugatti style you love. The price?

Well, you’re looking at a mere $243,425 (150,000 £ or 170,000 €) to have one of only 10 desks in your position. And, once you read the story and see the process, it makes it all worth it.

“The fixings used on the desk have been carefully selected and are produced from either stainless stell or titanium… Aircraft grade aluminum sheet which is bonded and riveted to a frame constructed from aluminum box section. The leading edges of the top are machined from billet aluminum and then polished and lacquered.”

Read the whole story here.

Model of the 1924 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix
Model of the 1924 Bugatti T35 Grand Prix

Interested in working with them? Luzzo is based in Brackley, Northmaptonshire UK and use SolidWorks. Luzzo Job posting here.

BIG Hat tip Mike O’Sullivan! Luzzo Bespoke via Jalopnik via CarConnection


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