Everyone needs a little love. Even those that get to sit around all day tinkering with light settings and camera angles. As Rob Rodriguez details in his blog post, PhotoView 360 (PV360) users may have new reasons to model a hand and give a fully rendered high five to each other. Here’s what you’ll want to check out.

PhotView Power to the people

About a month ago, a new (long overdue) PV360 section was added to the SolidWorks forums. That’s where all the action is taking place, where you’ll find videos galore and just the kind of interaction you and your material specularity need. The highlights from the forums include:

New features in SP04:
Transparency shadows don’t diffuse under non-transparent objects
Render under mouse (feature from Luxology modo501)

With SolidWorks 2011 bringing the PV360 experience completely into SolidWorks, you’re working direct with the model, applying materials and using the preview window to see the real-time rendered goodness you create. The videos put out by Ron Bates of SolidWorks give you a little idea behind the workflow to boot. Check it out. Spread the word. Render that scene.


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