With tens of billions of LEGO bricks made each year, it’s no surprise that there are nearly 4,200 different elements in the LEGO range with a variety of different colors and decorations – a number that brings the total number of possible LEGO brick combinations to nearly 10,000.

Inspired to make sense of at least some of these possible combinations, LEGO enthusiast Jeremy Moody recently took it upon himself to develop a chart of all of the different LEGO colors that the Danish company has ever produced – using the actual bricks themselves.

In total, 182 individual LEGO colors are featured on the periodic table–like chart, and the complete collection includes parts that are both readily available today as well as those hunted down from collectible sets from years ago.

According to Moody, the chart will never fully be “done” – he continues to add to it as LEGO produces new colors.

Click on the image below for the full-resolution version:

LEGO Color Chart


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