Although blow molding is a highly developed molding technology that’s been around since the late 1800’s to create hollow parts (such as plastic bottles) with uniform wall thicknesses, few have ever thought to use an actual blown-up animal balloon as a final material choice.

Yet, for Seoul-based industrial designer Seungjin Yang, the use of balloons was critical for translating his childhood memories into usable furniture designs capable of supporting an average human.

For his recent ‘Blowing Series’ furniture collection, the designer created a variety of chair designs in different shapes and sizes using the same balloons used for creating balloon animals. Once the chairs were completed, Yang proceeded to cover them in eight layers of epoxy resin before finishing the surface to reveal a glassy finish.

“The tactility of balloon is transformed into fine-colored glass with a glossy finishing of epoxy resin,” explains the designer. “Through this project, I want to turn ordinary materials and making processes into an extra-ordinary manufacturing process.”











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