Discovery has a new way to experience all that happens in this world. DiscoveryVR covers everything from puppy dog sporting events to blowing things up–they avoid the combination of the two for obvious reasons.

Their latest VR experience takes you to the Mythbuster test field in Ione, California, where you join MacGyver-shaped, plywood shrapnel catchers as the audience to a postal truck being blown to bits with 84 pounds of dynamite.

In honor of the patron saint of MythBusters, the guys are blowing up a van Macgyver style and you can be at the blast site.

Though only one exploding Mailtruck is shown on the DiscoveryVR site, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, hosts of Mythbusters, blow up both an empty truck and a truck full of wet cement–cause, science–they need a control subject to compare with the sample that matches MacGyver Season 3 (Episode 54) where Macgyver fills a mailtruck with cement to stop a bombing.

“I need you to fill that mail truck up with cement, fast!”

They measure the blasts with a series of small pressure transducers located at varying distance from the blast. The pressure transducer measures mechanical energy exerted on a small crystal (piezo) to tell them exactly how strong the blast pressure wave was.

Though we can’t embed the VR, you can hop over to DiscoveryVR to experience the tripod-toppling blast that completely decimates the postal truck and send the shrapnel catchers flying. you can catch the wet cement explosion in the first episode of the the final season (season 14) of Mythbusters. It airs on Discovery channel Saturday nights.









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