Exvacator. Excavator. Mycrotocle. Motorcycle. Chaty. Yacht.

When playing Scrabble, or even Words with Friends for that matter, the act of untangling anagrams is half the fun. But what if these brain-twisting anagrams existed as real world objects?

JVG, a Madrid-based CGI studio, recently asked themselves that question as part of a design and rendering exploration appropriately titled “Scrabble”. Like the jumbled words themselves, the vehicles depicted in the series are vaguely familiar if you know where to look:










Similar to sketching or modeling mechs and robots, design exercises that jumble multiple separate elements together into a unified form are among one of the most effective ways to stretch your design muscle:

YouTube video

Whether your design tool of choice is a pencil or a mouse, how many zany objects can you come up with?


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