For all of the ‘making of’ videos that go behind the scenes of how a product comes to life, it’s easy to forget that the product’s lifecycle goes far beyond where most of these videos end – which more often than not is somewhere between coming off the production line and packaging.

In what is perhaps one of the most unique takes on documenting the ‘behind the scenes’ of a product, filmmaker Paul Trillo has recently turned his focus to document the birth, life, death and ultimately, reincarnation of an iPhone in just seven minutes.

While the film, The Life & Death of an iPhone is more of a case study of how an iPhone is used on a day-to-day basis rather than how it’s made, it still presents an interesting look into a world behind a product – and subsequently, the user – that we generally don’t get to see.

“I didn’t want to just do something on the iPhone to show people like, “look what I can do” with a bunch of lenses and such,” said Trillo in an interview with Vimeo. “There needed to be an inherent, conceptual reason to use the iPhone camera for me. So that’s when I just thought, why not make the camera the eyes of the iPhone? Why not tell a story from the side of the iPhone, not the side of the person?”

In any case, between both the unique narrative and the fact that the entire thing was shot on an iPhone, the film is nothing short of impressive. You can find out more about how Trillo made the film as well as the equipment and tricks he used by heading over to Vimeo.


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