Explaining how design affects our daily lives is no easy task…especially when it involves trying to simplify it in terms that a young population can grasp. Between the complexities of city planning to the reasons why houses and products are built a specific way, there is a lot of info to sort of ‘sum up’ in a single discussion. As a part of their MakeShapeChange campaign, Pivot Dublin–a Dublin City Council initiative to get young people excited about design thinking–released this nearly 7-minute animated film that while absent of any words, successfully shows how and why good design works.

Shape: An Animated Short on Design Thinking

You can use this guide from the MakeShapeChange site to help follow along with the above video:

History – Before our film even begins we get a whirlwind history of design. The letters in the films name morph into objects that have changed the way we work, think and live.

Homes – In this clip the window moves and grows, from looking onto a brick wall to letting the sun stream in and bringing the landscape into view.

Information – As Dad enters his office building he gets very confused by the poorly designed signs. It sorts itself into a much more organised system allowing him to get to his office.

Spaces – As Dad is walking, the walls slide down, making an open space. Seen from above, desks move and shift into different formations changing the way the people work together.

Experiences – In the classroom we see the blackboard come alive as the planets turn into holograms* and the children gather round. [*This isn’t real just yet]

Objects – The phone rings and sets off a chain reaction of chair changes. While each new chair meets a particular need at that moment, it’s only the comfortable office chair that suits the overall situation.

Communications – In this clip we see the girl reading something that hurts her eyes. The page changes shape, adds images and makes it easier and more fun to read, before turning into a digital book.

Technology – As Dad sits down at his desk, a giant stack of things to do is waiting for him. It transforms into a simple, organised and easy to manage To-Do list that he can use on his computer.

Communities – A space between buildings that’s been forgotten and become messy is transformed into a living park.

(Images via MakeShapeChange)


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