According to their website, the makers of The Problem Solver India Pale Ale have established that “scientific studies suggest that at an alcohol level of 0.075% the average person produces the most creative thinking.”

While anybody who has had a successful brainstorm session after a couple of beers can confirm that, it also opens up a discussion about how alcohol can be leveraged as a tool for solving problems rather than causing them, or at least that is what advertising agency CP+B Copenhagen wants to establish:

“Have you ever considered why you seem to find the most interesting solutions after a couple of beers? As it turns out there might be some truth to it after all.”


“Beer-loving researchers have proven that when reaching an alcohol level of precisely 0.075% the average person produces the most creative thinking. That’s why we have now brewed a beer especially made to bring you as close to your creative peak as possible. All you have to do is drink and think!”


The actual bottle design of the handcrafted India Pale Ale features an indicator that they hope you’ll use to make finding your creative peak (.075%) easy. A lot of people might be quick to note that this is just a clever marketing campaign to buy a bunch of their product—which it is—however, they do state that “Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite!”


Check out more over at The Problem Solver.


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