If you’ve been looking for a way to keep those SolidWorks muscles strong going into 2015, then you’re in luck friend. For this week and this week only, industrial design video training site cadjunkie is offering the entire SolidWorks 101 course for free (normally $39) using the following coupon code: happyholidays.

The sub-two-hour course starts with a simple Erector-like scissor joint before guiding you through developing a functional robot that can be 3D printed, rendered, or sent off for manufacturing with detailed drawings.

Created by industrial designer Adam O’Hern, the series focuses on using SolidWorks as an iterative design tool while learning the basics of creating models and then putting them together into assemblies and understanding export options including drawings and 3D printable files.

Get it for free here and use coupon code: happyholidays.

…when you’re done, don’t forget to check out the other two courses in the series below!

SolidWorks 201 | Design a Remote Control

While there are many different ways of approaching a design problem in SolidWorks, this series focuses on ‘throwing your ideas out there’ in real-time with the goal of building up multiple iterations that can be easily modified, organized, and shared. Additionally, we’ve included an extensive amount of content focusing on easily adjusting design details based on engineering constraints…such as “how will these batteries fit” or “will my buttons line up with the circuit board?”

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SolidWorks 301 | Design a Subwoofer

In the previous SolidWorks courses, we focused on both the building blocks of a well-organized workflow as well as using that knowledge as a springboard for designing quickly and iteratively. In this series we’ll continue our focus on designing iteratively like we did in the SolidWorks 201 Remote Control series, but with a magnified focus on working with the internal components of our assembly.

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Remember, members have full-access to the entire library of streaming industrial design training videos and project files starting at just $19/month. For more information, head on over to the cadjunkie sign-up page.