For some (college students?) it’s a necessity, for others (psychopaths?) it’s a hobby. Assembling flat-packed IKEA furniture really isn’t as bad as many make it out to be, but it’s still a chore worthy of purchasing a six-pack of root beer for and putting on a Pixies record in advance.

In their new game Höme Improvisåtion, game developers Aj Kolenc, Jessica Jackson, Colton Spross and Josh Faubel have gone so far as to bring this experience to you virtually…although you still need to bring your own root beer.

The game, which was surprisingly developed in less than 48 hours as a part of the recent Global Game Jam in Atlanta, starts by dropping an IKEA-esque box of flat-packed furniture on your virtual living room floor. The challenge is to assemble the various pieces of furniture without any manuals (the horror!), guidance (uhhhhhh), or even a product image of what the finished and assembled piece of furniture is supposed to look like (gasp!).

“The world’s most fun and accurate cooperative furniture assembly experience.”

YouTube video

Perhaps the best part about the game is that it supports multiplayer in the case that you want to jump on the headset with your buddies and have a virtual “IKEA-assembly” party from the comfort of your pre-assembled IKEA office chair without even having to make eye contact with other humans.

When you beat the game, you unofficially become worthy of a tattoo across your chest that features an eagle clenching a hex-wrench in its talons.

If you happen to have nothing…and I mean nothing else to do, ever…you can play the game here.


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