As if spending an afternoon assembling IKEA furniture isn’t already a kick in the pants, imagine doing so while navigating your way around the Dark Side of the Moon under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Such is the premise of the aptly named new YouTube series HIKEA.

Created by NYC-based creatives Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor, the new video series documents the struggles of young New Yorkers as they attempt to grasp onto reality while assembling Swedish flat pack wares in a haze of rainbows.

“Today we’re taking acid and building furniture from IKEA.”

While young couple Giancarlo and Nicole attempt to build the NORDLI cabinet while under the influence of LSD (they struggle to get past Step 1), bearded furniture assembler Keith attempts to build the MICKE desk after chowing down on a heavy dose of shrooms (nearly six hours later, he’s skipped 12 steps and has a pile of “extra” parts):

YouTube video

YouTube video


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