Few movies have been burned into the brains of today’s corporate work force as well as Office Space – the 1999 Mike Judge film that tells the story of corporate work life. The film, which helped lay the foundation for Judge’s more recent Silicon Valley show that follows a similar premise, has many memorable scenes – although few may be as memorable as the infamous “Printer Scene”.

Set to a soundtrack of “Still” from the Geto Boys, the scene holds nothing back when it comes to the frustrations of dealing with crappy technology – such as mid-1990s printers. But while old off-white HP printers are one thing, what would a similar technology-destroying experience look like today?

Probably something along the lines of what Richard Ryan came up with.

The weapons aficionado and founder of FullMag Studios recently filmed a slow-motion video of what a 90mm T8 anti-tank cannon looks like when it blasts through one of Jony Ive’s precious 5K iMacs. Of course, the results are to be expected – but it does certainly say something about Apple’s build quality in ways that few other tests could demonstrate:

Are armor-piercing 90mm cannon rounds the new “drop tests”?


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