Nobody will blame you if you’ve never taken a moment to think about the hard science behind a simple pizza delivery. After all, paying the driver and eating the pizza is usually the priority in any situation involving pizza.

That said, everything from the carefully-placed humidity ventilation holes to the pizza saver dongles is the result of years of refining pizza delivery technology. With conductive inks further making their way into the mainstream, the pizza boxes of tomorrow just might be loaded with electronic capabilities –– such as this DJ deck for turning up your late night pizza party.

Created in partnership with conductive ink startup Novalia and available at select Pizza Hut locations in the UK, these playable pizza boxes feature hidden electronics made with touch-sensitive conductive ink and Bluetooth technology for pairing with mobile devices and DJ apps:

YouTube video

Says Novalia:

“We play in the space between the physical and digital using beautiful, tactile printed touch sensors to connect people, places and objects. Touching our (paper thin) print either triggers sounds from its surface or sends information to the internet.”

How the Playable DJ Pizza Box Works:

YouTube video

As for playing a cardboard DJ setup with the inevitable pizza grease? Just be thankful your party guests aren’t touching your actual vinyl collection with their greasy pizza fingers.


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